A swarm of sad memories attacked me last night.
A loss of self control that brings NO delight.
Should i search the exit lights or be friend with that old fright?

If i'll count my mental scars i'm givin' big fight.
If Sorrows were some fallen stars, i could be the brightest night.

Like a swan on a frozen lake you want all eyes on you
Like a lame girl you are you ain’t givin’ a clue
Υou are chasing your own tale you got nothing else to do

Now somebody’s after you, you’re playing your part
Another void straight ahead, another slaughter of the heart

Maybe i'm wrong to let you in
Μaybe i'm right to see you with grin.
Maybe i like the smile you brought but
Αs for now, i'll give you a thought.

Maybe i like you more than most

Αnd Ι am sure that Ι was your worst.
Naked and shy inside a whorehouse
Μaybe Ι am a sad Mickey Mouse.



A strange dance roused me last night
A dream that seemed so real
I saw them shaking inside the fire
Their secrets revealed

And as the sky was painted orange
Βy the last rays of sun
That was a creepy pagan feast
Τhat didn't had fun

Do not think too far ahead
Do not look too far back
Do not get stressed out
Dance at your own risk

And as i danced with these strange creatures
Like i was losin' my head
I looked deep inside their eyes
Αnd saw they were dead

And the night surrounded our lives
Αnd I searched for the sun
Τhat was the worship of Abraxas
I was having fun




And I’ve met him in Ohio, he was going to L.A.
He had eyes with confidence but not exactly much to say
In his forehead strange tattoos, funny clothes and Nazi looks
He was quiet but not calm, a man like those you read in books

Charlie Manson’s eyes – Don’t get wise tonight

And we walked in southern Cali and he liked the peoplequake
And he told me ‘trust me son, all those smiles are sad and fake’
When we killed two smiles of those, it was his own eyes that lied
And I swear I have never felt manlier as I cried

Charlie Manson’s eyes – Don’t get wise tonight…




I'm miles from smiles
I'm far from home
An endless highway
That I always roam
And you keep fonding yourself  deeper down

I'm still a fool
And I retrace
Didn't broke a rule
To find a safer place
I'm in a rut but you know I lived what you paint

Burn yourself with your own flame
Disintegrate your own fame, again
Lay down your arms, become a zero
Survive the storm and be a hero, then..

I tasted freedom
And i faced death
An empty glimpse
And i just lost my breath
I'm too weird even for the internet

I'm always rushed
And always late
Don't need your time
Cause i don't have to wait
Confusion in the northern hemisphere



I just fucked myself up
And it was the best lay I’ve ever had

Reality doesn’t matter when you run into the crazies
And I still run to them
And fantasy will always be inside their heads, their mazes
And I still pray for them

Stars will fall…. And everything must follow !!

The mess you leave behind
All the time
No, it doesn’t fit us well

So the dreams became true
And although life is a dream
I remain speechless
Until I start to scream

Yes he was a motherfucking hippie… and you’re the one who follows !!

The mess you leave behind
All the time
No, it doesn’t fit us well




For all the things you've borrowed
For all the things you share
For all that smiles you left behind
For all the thoughts you spare

The eyes that staring back at you
The vibes that's in the air
Emotions that you never had
A Life that isn't fair

For all the plans you won't unfold
An outlet never found
A story that's been left untold
A face that hits the ground

A Blind man's dream that won't come true
A Deaf man's song that's loud
A voice i thought I always knew
A band without a crowd

A face I can't remember
A Smell of hair that isn't nice
A smile I never seen for long
Some words that weren't wise

For all who wait approval
But taking only guilt
For all who feed the wood with fire
Their mirror to rebuilt

And it Rains on South...




And it seems I've gone too far this time
But it feels it's me who asked this crime
Like a lazy dog I seek to roam
Like a fallen king I search my throne

But like a dog I steal from you to stay alive
I steal the night
There's nights i wonder if i wanted what i did
Inside of a dog it is too dark to read

And i still wonder if I ever was alive!